Buying a new sofa isn't an easy task; there are lots of things to consider, so here is a list of 8 tips to help you buy sofas in London.

8 Things To Consider When Buying A New Sofa

  • Your Budget
    Before your decide on anything else, it is very important that you decide on a budget. Like many things, when searching for a new sofa, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of what your budget it. Otherwise you might find the 'perfect sofa' and then realise that it is too expensive. As such, your first step should be to decide on a budget.

  • What Colour Do You Want?
    Think carefully about colours. Whilst you might be tempted to 'play it safe' and opt for a more universal or neutral colour such as a black or a cream coloured sofa, don't be afraid to be adventurous with the colour of your sofa.

    Think about the colour of the room and what colours that would work inside the room. Perhaps if you have painted your walls cream, a brown sofa would be a wonderful piece of furniture for you room?

    Also, don't feel restricted to keeping within a colour scheme; you could also create a wonderful theme using colour contrast. If you're unsure how to find colour contrast, look at a colour wheel, pick the colour of the room and then look at the colour opposite the wheel. For example, orange contrasts blue and red contrasts green. So if you have a room in a relaxing light green colour, consider a light red sofa; you could also decorate the room with some beautiful red flowers, such as red roses or carnations.
  • Shape & Style
    There are numerous different styles of sofas and each have their own advantages and drawbacks. So when you buy sofas in London, make sure you think very carefully about the style you’re interested in.

    There isn’t a typical sofa for a specific location in your house. For example, if you’re interested in a bespoke sofa in London for your study, your study might be a contemporary study with lots of multimedia devices, which may suit a more contemporary sofa.

    However, a study could also look more traditional with a bookcase a vintage style side table with a reading lamp. In this case, perhaps a more vintage or traditional style sofa will best suited to the style of the room that it is placed in.

  • Sofa Size & Location
    Remember to measure. Some key things to measure are: the sofa, the room you want to place the sofa in, the doorways and every room/hallway that you need to carry the sofa through in order to reach the location where you want to place the sofa.

    It can also be a good idea to create a paper silhouette of the sofa and place it down on the ground in order to help you visualise the sofa in the room.

  • Comfort
    You’re going to be spending a lot of time sat on this sofa, so comfort is a very important factor. However comfort is subjective, some people prefer a soft sofa, some prefer a firm sofa and some prefer something somewhere in between the two.

    As comfort is subjective, it’s important that you listen to yourself and decide on a sofa that you can feel comfortable sitting on.
  • Material
    The sofa material is very important. For families with children and pets, perhaps ease of cleaning is an important factor.

    Leather sofas are well known for their ease of cleaning; often they simply need to be wiped down. However, if you prefer fabric sofas, you can choose a fabric sofa with AquaClean technology. This means that you can enjoy a fabric sofa that not only looks fabulous but thanks to the AquaClean technology, most domestic stains can be cleaned from the fabric with just water.

  • Capacity & Purpose
    When you want to buy sofas in London, it is important to think about how many people will be using your sofa and how will they be using it.

    For example, if you have a large family and you're searching for a sofa to place in your family room, you may be interested in a sofa with 3+ cushions or perhaps a long bench cushion. However, if you only have a small family, perhaps a simple sofa with just two cushions will be more than enough for you to relax on the sofa.

    Also consider the use of the sofa, will you be relaxing and watching television, will it be used for reading or perhaps used for an afternoon nap? When looking at different sofas, or designing your own with a bespoke sofa service, remember to keep both the capacity and the purpose of the sofa in mind.

  • Cut Out The Middlemen, Purchase From The Manufacturer
    Sometimes you may find that large furniture stores on the high street sell products that have been manufactured by somebody else. In some cases these pieces of furniture have been manufactured overseas.

    So if you're trying to find a good deal, purchase your furniture directly from the manufacturer. Thanks to the lack of middle-men and additional shipping costs, purchasing directly from the manufacturer could result in some significant savings!

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