When searching for designer sofas in London you have lots of different businesses to choose from. However, if you go directly to a manufacturer and choose a bespoke sofa from Yuva Furniture, you can enjoy a wonderful designer sofa and potentially also some significant cost savings!

9 Fantastic Sofa Style Tips

Styling a sofa can be difficult, so here are a few tips to give you a helping hand!

  • Look At The Big Picture
    Sofa styling isn't just about the sofa itself. It is also about styling the room as a whole. Think about side tables, rugs, the walls and even artwork on display.

    Styling a whole room might seem like a difficult task, however with some planning and preparation it can be reasonably simple. So plan, prepare and create a wonderful environment for yourself and your guests to enjoy.
  • What Room Is Your Sofa In?
    A living room will likely be styled very different to an office space. A sofa in a living room will likely be tailored to relaxing, somewhere that you can enjoy your spare time, whereas a sofa in an office environment will likely be dedicated to providing yourself with an alternative to the office chair. Perhaps a sofa that you could sit on whilst you proofread documents.

    If for example you're styling a sofa for a living room, you could add a blanket to match the room's colour scheme and add some cushions that contrast that colour. For example a cream blanket with some black cushions.
  • The Colour Of Your Sofa
    If you like to frequently restyle your sofa, you could consider a sofa in a more neutral colour, so that it can work with lots of different colours. However, if you only change the style on occasion, you could opt for something more colourful, perhaps even a pattern.
  • Think About Cushions
    Cushions are a fantastic accessory to your sofa. You can add lots of different colours that match the colour scheme of your room. You could even purchase some graphic cushions to add more character to the space.
  • Use Plants
    As sofa styling isn't just about the sofa you choose, including a plant in the room can be a fantastic way to add diversity to the room's style. You can use plants in numerous different ways. You could have a small vase of flowers on the side of your sofa on a small table, or you could use a large container for a larger plant such as ferns or smaller trees.
  • Choice Of Paint/Wallpaper
    Your choice of colour is very important. If you choose to decorate the walls of your room in a colour that doesn't work with the sofa, it might feel odd. However, that doesn't mean that contrast can't be a great design feature. If for example you have an orange sofa, decorating the walls of the room in a light blue colour would make the sofa stand out. You could also add some white photo frames to the walls, creating a summer sky feeling, with your sofa playing the role of the sun.
  • Artwork
    Incorporating artwork into a room can boost the impact of the room. Remember, your sofa is but one piece of the puzzle for a wonderfully styled room.

    There are lots of places where you can add artwork into a room. For example in a living room, you can place artwork on the walls; you can place it on tables next to your sofa. You could even use pillows or blankets with artwork printed onto them to add some extra personalisation to your sofa.
  • Style Your Sofa To Match The Season
    If you like to frequently change the style of your sofa, you could style our sofa to match the current season. This could also extend to the room as a whole. A great way to do this is by adding lots of seasonal plants. Additionally you could choose seasonal colour schemes. So, for winter, use lots of cool colours such as white, blue and purple. Whereas summer would favour warmer tones such as red, orange and yellow.

    However for spring and autumn, you could focus more on accessories, so for autumn you could perhaps use some pinecones and for colours you could use lots of earthy tones. However, in spring you could use lots of floral decorations and include bright colours to complete the spring style.
  • Think About Holidays/Current Events
    If you celebrate Christmas, you could style your sofa to celebrate the occasion. With lots of reds and whites, possible even some Santa, Reindeer or Snowman cushions for your sofa.

    It isn't just Christmas that you could style your sofa for; you could style it to celebrate Halloween with black and orange colours, and perhaps some spooky cushions. You could also choose to celebrate some other occasions such as St Patrick's Day with lots of green colours.

Designer Sofas In London At An Affordable Price

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