In today's 21st century society, people are finding new and creative ways to innovate their lives with technology. Recently phones have been able to move away from charging cables and instead move towards wireless charging. So to make this method of charging your device even more convenient, have you considered a wireless charging sofa?

Wireless Charging With The New iPhones

Recently the new iPhones were announced, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 is the first iPhone that supports wireless charging. This means that you can simply place the iPhone onto any Qi-compatible wireless charger and it will start to charge. So if you're purchasing a new iPhone, you'll be happy to know that the wireless charging technology that we use in our bespoke sofas is compatible with the iPhone 8.

Additionally the 8 Plus and the iPhone X have the same wireless charging features as the 8.

How Does Qi Wireless Charging Work?

A wireless charger might seem like something out of science fiction but it is actually quite simple to understand. The wireless charger creates an electromagnetic field and when a Qi compatible device is placed on top of the wireless charger, the electromagnetic field induces an electrical current in the device and as such the device starts to charge.

Additionally, as the electromagnetic field creates a current in the battery itself, there are no safety issues to consider with regards to sparks.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Qi Wireless Charger?

There are numerous advantages to wireless charging, firstly there's the convenience of just placing your device on the charger and it starting to charge. Secondly, if you've ever suffered with the blight of a frayed charger you can relax and enjoy peace of mind because a wireless charging pad doesn't require you to carry numerous cables around all day.

Additionally, more and more places are embracing the Qi charging pad and offering people with a charging solution in public spaces. Many airports, hotels and other establishments offer a Qi charging solution for customers and guests to recharge their phones.

Also, as many devices that support wireless charging use Qi wireless chargers, you could theoretically use a single set of charges for a large amount of compatible devices. Removing the need to carry a numerous different charging cables with you.

What Devices Support Qi Wireless Charging?

Numerous different devices support wireless charging, including the new iPhones. Some other Smartphone devices that support wireless charging are the Samsung mobile phones in the S line (since the s4 in 2014). Additionally some smart watches also support wireless charging, such as the Apple Watch and the Moto 360.

Here are a few devices that can be charged using Qi charging:

  • Iphone 8,
  • Iphone 8 Plus,
  • Iphone X,
  • ASUS Padfone S,
  • GOOGLE Nexus 4,
  • GOOGLE Nexus 5,
  • GOOGLE Nexus 6,
  • GOOGLE Nexus 7,
  • HTC 8X,
  • LG G6,
  • Nokia Lumia 1520,
  • Samsung Galaxy S8,
  • Samsung S7 Edge,
  • And Many More!

Free Yourself From Charging Cables With A Wireless Charging Sofa

Many people who frequently use their mobile phones can feel tethered to a plug socket or an external battery pack. However with wireless charging built into your sofa, if your battery is low on power, just rest it down and let it charge.

Additionally, if you're relaxing on your sofa watching television, your phone can be resting on the side charging, when the advertisements arrive, you can pick up your phone and chat to your friends using social media applications, or play some fun Smartphone games.

Why Choose A Wireless Charging Sofa?

With a wireless charging pad, it can feel convenient to place your phone down without needing a cable, but ultimately you're still tethered to a power supply. However if you choose a sofa with integrated Qi charging technology you don't have to stretch yourself over to the power outlet, you can simply charge your phone on your sofa; how convenient is that!?

Additionally, with our bespoke sofa design service, you can design a sofa to 'tick all the boxes', meeting all of your personal needs and requirements. You can choose the size, style and material of the sofa, creating something that is unique to you. Also, you don't have to worry about long wait times, thanks to our 10 day order-to-delivery; you can be relaxing in your wireless charging sofa in just over a week!

Bespoke Smart Furniture At An Affordable Price

If you're searching for ways to integrate technology into your daily life, consider a bespoke sofa from Yuva Furniture with integrated wireless charging technology. If you're concerned about large costs associated with such a fantastic product, don't worry. We are proud to offer bespoke furniture at affordable prices. Often the price is a lot less than sofas which are available from some of the biggest high street brands!

Additionally, we are very confident in the quality of our locally manufactured bespoke sofas. As such you can enjoy a 10 year frame guarantee. So if you're interested, please feel free to reach out to our team and give us a call today!

Interested In A Wireless Charging Sofa? Give Our Team A Call Today

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The Yuva Furniture team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry, so if you have any questions regarding bespoke sofas or armchairs and integrated wireless charging technology, please give our team a call on 020300 20420.

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