Sometimes, shopping for that perfect sofa can be difficult – with literally thousands of different shapes, sizes, colours, comforts and functionalities available – it's no surprise that many people struggle to picture their ideal sofa. Then of course, there is the material question to consider – should I choose leather or fabric? Being a provider of bespoke quality sofas in London – we at Yuva are on hand to answer all of these questions!

Quality Sofas In London, From Yuva.

Here at Yuva Furniture, we create unique and exclusive sofas that have been designed with London specifically in mind. Noticing that modern, sophisticated designer sofas were out of the reach of most people’s budgets, we have hit on the perfect formula – we can provide the same quality furniture at extremely affordable prices. Therefore, when it comes to understanding what makes quality sofas in London, you can feel rest assured that we know what we’re talking about!

Fabric or Leather Sofas – Which Should I Choose?

There isn’t actually a uniform, correct answer when it comes to choosing between leather or fabric sofas. Each have their own individual qualities that will suit certain people and home environments.

Here, we’re going to outline the benefits of both, which hopefully will help you to decide which of them best suits your requirements.

Fabric Sofas – The Benefits

  • Comfort – Although the makeup of fabric sofas can vary, dependent on the material used and support structure offered by the cushions and frame, they all share that same, soft feeling that makes the experience of sitting on them comfortable. Although leather sofas are extremely comfortable in the right conditions – their finish tends not to be as comfortable as that provided by fabric for the majority of the year. In the summer – leather can feel hot and sticky and in winter, they are cold to the touch – fabric materials stay the same throughout the year.
  • Care – The durability of fabric sofas will of course depend upon the quality of the material – the better grade of material, the longer it will withstand wear. In terms of treatment, the majority of fabric sofas are completed with a stain-resistant finish so if any spills or marks appear on the sofa, they can be cleaned off with specialist cleaning products. Fabrics also aren't prone to suffering from scratches like leather does – so if you've got any pets, fabric sofas would be ideal to have in such a household!
  • Vast Colour and Pattern Choice – Although leather is available in a number of different colours, the list of colour and pattern combinations that fabrics can display, is virtually endless. So when it comes to searching for quality sofas in London that are able to match or complement your home interiors, then choosing fabrics is the best choice.

Leather Sofas – The Benefits.

  • Guards Against Allergies – One of the best aspects of a leather sofa is that they don't absorb dust or anything else from the environment. Fabric sofas tend to harbour the existence of dust mites, pet hairs and other allergens commonly associated with the household. With leather, all that's normally required is a simple wipe to get rid of them. They make a great choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Aesthetic Look – The look of leather gives off a sleek and slender appearance that fabric so often struggles to mimic. What's more, unlike fabrics that are artificially produced, is that each piece of leather used in the creation of a sofa is unique – giving the possessor of one, a status symbol of sorts. For those seeking their households to give off an elegant and refined look, then a leather sofa would be ideal.
  • Care – Like its fabric counterpart, a leather sofa can easily be cared for – even more so. One of the reasons why many people choose our quality sofas in London to be made of leather is that they require the minimum of care. All that's needed is a wipe down and light dusting a few times a year – a fabric sofa, although easy to care for, requires cleaning and vacuuming on a much-more regular basis.

Modern, Comfortable and Functional Fabric and Leather Sofas From Yuva.

We are delighted to be able to present to you, our collection of bespoke, affordable fabric and leather sofas. With each furniture item we create providing congeniality, convenience and comfort, we are confident that you won’t find a more affordable designer of quality sofas in London. As an added caveat – our sofas are available with modern functionalities, including wireless phone charging technology. So any smartphone (including the brand-new iPhone 8 and iPhone X) can be placed on charge, whilst you take a nice, relaxing rest.

What’s more, as part of our drive to offer the ultimate customer-driven experience, we are able to deliver your bespoke-made sofa within 10 days. It’s this dedication to innovation, our prices and of course, the comfort and aesthetic look offered by our products, that many people have chosen Yuva to provide them with their ideal sofa.

No matter your preferred materials or any other requirements – why not get in touch with a member of our expert team today to learn more?

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