When you’re choosing new sofa, there are lots of difficult decisions to make. What style do you want, what material, how long should the sofa should be and of course, what colour would you like. In order to help you in your search for sofas in Camden, here’s a helpful guide to choosing a colour for your sofa.

What Colour Sofa Should You Choose?

There are lots of colours and patterns that you can choose when designing your own bespoke sofa. To give you a helping hand with your decision, here are four tips for choosing a sofa colour!

  • Should You Choose A Simple/Versatile Colour?
    Many people opt for simple colour schemes, with creams, blacks, whites and greys. Essentially the aim is to choose a colour sofa that can work with a wide variety of different themes and styles.

    By choosing a versatile colour for your sofa, you can be more adventurous with accessories. For example, you could use blankets, cushions and side tables in order to create a fabulous piece of home decoration, centred around your sofa.

    By choosing a simplistic yet versatile colour for your sofa, you can decorate your sofa at various different times of the year. For example, you could add red and white blankets to the sofa, add some green pillows and maybe some fun pillows in the shape of reindeers or snowmen and you’ll have a fantastic sofa decorated for Christmas.

    So if you enjoy frequently redecorating to celebrate different occasions throughout the year for events such as Halloween, St Patrick’s Day and perhaps even some seasonal occasions such as summer and spring; consider purchasing a sofa in a simple yet versatile colour.
  • Consider Colour Theory
    Colour theory can be very useful when choosing a colour for your sofa.

    Within colour theory there is something known as colour harmony, this is often described as “colours that just feel right together”. Colours which when placed side by side create something that is pleasing to the eye could be described as having colour harmony.

    You can create colour harmony by looking at a colour wheel and choosing colours that are known as analogous colours. The first step is to choose a main colour, and then choose the colours which are side by side.

    The two colours next to the colour that you have known are analogous colours and as such, the three colours would complement each other and create colour harmony. For example, light green could work alongside dark green and green/yellow.

    There is however, another way to create colour harmony. This method utilises contrasting colours. Again we look to a colour wheel to help us choose a colour scheme, for example you could choose a green colour scheme. To compliment this colour you look opposite it on the colour wheel to find a colour that would contrast it, which in the case of green, the colour is red.

    You can also utilise small elements of colour contrast within a colour scheme. For example if you choose a dark green fabric sofa, you could choose to contrast that green with some small red pillows.
  • Think About The Room As A Whole
    Like with colour theory and colour harmony, consider the room as a whole when picking your sofa’s colour. This includes the floor.

    For example, if you have a light coloured carpet or light wooden floor, a dark coloured sofa can provide you with some wonderful colour contrast. However if you have a dark coloured floor and would still like a dark coloured sofa, perhaps opting for some lightly coloured sofa legs could help to create some space between the two dark colours.

    Also consider how your sofa would look next to a side table or a large coffee table. Would the sofa’s colour flow with the table creating colour harmony, or would it be disruptive, confusing and chaotic?
  • Choose A Bespoke Sofa
    If you’re searching for sofas in Camden, there are numerous benefits to choosing a bespoke sofa from Yuva Furniture.

    Why spend hours searching for a sofa with a colour that works with your current colour scheme in both the style and size that you want? Instead of spending hours visiting numerous sofa showrooms searching for a sofa that ‘ticks all the boxes’, you can speak to Yuva Furniture and design a bespoke sofa that meets your requirements.

    If you’re worried about the costs associated with designing your own piece of bespoke furniture, don’t worry. We are proud to offer bespoke sofas in Camden at affordable prices; the price is often a lot less than sofas which are available from some of the biggest high street brands. This is because sometimes large furniture stores on the high street sell products which have been manufactured by somebody else and in some cases, products could have been manufactured overseas.

    So thanks to the lack of middle-men and additional shipping costs, if you choose to purchase your furniture directly from the manufacturer, you could potentially see some significant cost savings.

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